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Frequently asked questions

What is Hyper?

Hyper is a gamified rewards platform designed to forge stronger bonds between brands and their fans. By offering a real-world quests and challenges, we curate captivating experiences that not only deepen user engagement but also cultivate enduring brand loyalty.

How does it work for brands?

Hyper is an interactive platform that enables brands to connect with their audience through exciting, real-world quests and challenges, creating customized and engaging experiences. By participating, users can earn exclusive rewards, fostering a sense of community and loyalty around the brand. This approach not only enhances brand visibility through social sharing but also provides valuable insights into consumer behavior, helping brands refine their strategies.

How do we create quests or challenges on Hyper?

Creating quests or challenges on Hyper is a streamlined process, starting with setting up your brand profile. Utilize our user-friendly quest creation tool to design your challenge, specify participant activities from a range of templates, customize rewards, and set the quest duration. Once published, actively promote your quest through various channels and monitor its progress via our analytics dashboard.

Can we customise quests?

Yes, Hyper allows for extensive customization of quests to ensure they align perfectly with your brand’s image, values, and objectives. You have the flexibility to tailor every aspect of the quest, from the activities and challenges themselves to the rewards offered upon completion.

How does Hyper’s affiliate program work?

Partners provide us with their unique affiliate links, which we seamlessly embed into specific quests and activities on our platform. As users participate in these challenges and interact with the links, they drive traffic and potential conversions to our partners’ sites, generating affiliate revenue. A portion of this revenue is then used to fund the rewards and incentives offered to users on Hyper, ensuring a continuous cycle of engagement and value creation for all parties involved.